Why is it Important to Speed up Your eCommerce Website?

The evident growth in the eCommerce domain has substantially helped a lot of enterprises to realize the true potential of market trends and achieve great feats across their target regions. There has been tremendous growth in the size and earnings of the business houses but are they giving the same importance to their website growth?

While business growth is of foremost importance, do you know with increasing customer attraction and traffic your traditional eCommerce website may fall soon?

Why is website speed and performance so critical for eCommerce success?

Enterprises might be happy about the revenue flow delivered by their current website but they cannot neglect the fact that their website needs to speed up from time to time.

The speed of an eCommerce website is a very important factor to consider while choosing the platform and technology partner for your business store. Statistics show that the speed of an eCommerce website directly impacts the sales metrics of your business and therefore should constantly be improved to maintained customer traction. With more incoming traffic, websites may slow down due to the same legacy back-end, resulting in nearly 40% of visitors abandoning the website worldwide.

In today’s fast-moving reality, what customers love is a really fast loading eCommerce experience. According to recently published reports, nearly 49% of people wish to visit a webpage that loads within 2 seconds no matter the device. Furthermore, users tend to abandon the website at once if the web pages take more than 4 seconds to load. No eCommerce business can afford to give its customers a slow-moving experience like this. Slow response and page loading further lead to traffic congestion and an in-depth analysis suggest very often websites crash when they face higher traffic than expected.

No one wants to return to a website that keeps them hanging in the middle. Every website must be ready to evolve at any time so that they don’t fail when they face a boom in traffic. Every enterprise needs to maintain its standards for website performance and delivery. As a leading eCommerce development platform, the developers at Biz4Commerce follow proven strategies that ensure that the website does not fall below expectations and keeps a higher performance ratio.

Here are some reasons why you need to speed up your eCommerce

Speed & Performance

For every eCommerce store, it is very important that its users are satisfied with the speed and performance of the website. No user wants their time to be wasted while waiting for the website to respond even for their smallest request. In order to improve upon the speed and performance with evolving times, you need to update the backend structure of your eCommerce website regularly. The technical architect must be strong enough that it can handle every customer even when high traffic is coming in. To achieve this, the best practice is to design the architecture in such a way that it is scalable at any point in time and no functionality is affected while changes are made

Traffic Handling

Almost every eCommerce website faces a varying and unpredictable traffic rate during different times of the day. Sometimes it goes all the way to the peak and at other times it is quite low. In such dynamic situations, it becomes a challenge for any enterprise to handle the traffic when it goes beyond their estimates. Many websites face this issue when their servers fail to respond as expected during a sudden surge in incoming traffic at peak times. Server handling is as important as any other aspect of eCommerce development. If by some chance servers crash then the whole website may go down until abruptly.


Having an updated and robust infrastructure is by far the most important factor for any eCommerce business site, be it a new or an established one. Proper infrastructure is the key to efficient business in eCommerce development and it is necessary to adopt a good infrastructure to address and meet user expectations. eCommerce infrastructure is the collection of hardware, software, network, database, and all related aspects which are required for the proper functioning of the website. It decides how flexible, scalable, and dynamic your website will be while the user trends change with time.

A website may start with just 1000 visitors per day but might surge up to 10,000 to a million visitors really soon. Backend infrastructure must be competent enough to deliver an appreciable user experience while maintaining core services and data security. With a growing market base, every eCommerce player needs to improve and invest in the backend infrastructure of his website to maintain customer retention as well as the evolving market standards.

Sales & Conversion

Users today need a quick and reliable shopping experience with less waiting time when they are looking for something online. As soon as they see any required item, they want to waste no further time in finalizing the purchase deal. However, if the checkout process is slightly more complicated or takes little more than average shopping time, customers tend to abandon the cart and start looking for a platform that is more user-friendly and quicker at service. In the eCommerce domain, it should be the foremost priority to provide an ultimate shopping experience to any customer, be it new or a repeated one. Excellent quality service is enough to convert the client at the instant it turns up. By ensuring a good user experience, you can easily increase the sales and revenue flow of your online business store.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a vast subject and also a very important one for any business. If the website is attracting good customer traffic on its own then even Google will rank the website at a higher position and will place it in top results for any search related to the particular domain. In today’s online world, if your eCommerce website fails to engage a customer for a revisit, it creates a bad impact on your search engine ranking which ultimately results in the website falling out of the top search results.


The eCommerce business is known to have a lot of uncertainties flowing from the user side. In today’s fast-paced commercial world, people want to have the solution as soon as they can and even the slightest of delay can irritate them and take them away from your online store. Here at Biz4Commerce, we have mastered eCommerce optimization by speeding up your business website using our domain expertise and advanced tools. You not only get complete control of your online store but can also optimize your customer journeys for improved ROI. Online stores developed using the MERN stack are inherently scalable and bring support for unlimited customization and marketing tools.

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