Why Choose MERN Over WooCommerce for eCommerce Store

The world around us is meteorically changing, with technology being central to it. The domain of IT development has constantly been transforming and helping out businesses, in general, to create better prospects and gain higher profitability. However, businesses face a rather prevalent issue of selecting which type of solution to go with while expanding or improving their business process.

Buy Vs Build

The choice between a custom solution or to select a readily available packaged solution has been daunting a lot of businesses lately. Although both the solutions bring their own perks in terms of business functionalities, opting for a custom development wins the debate almost every time. Biz4Commerce is a MERN-based eCommerce platform that helps you create and run online marketplaces with ease. Our team of eCommerce experts carries an ample amount of experience to comprehend complex business requirements and build a solution that fits your business’s specific needs.

While large enterprises have dedicated development teams to create and improve functional prospects of their platforms. The dilemma arises for small and medium level enterprises who need to take the critical call between the "build vs. buy". To the casual eye, an out-of-the-box or packaged solutions may seem to be the ideal pick to resolve a complex functional requirement. However, it's not the right solution for every organization.

What is an Out-of-the-box solution?

Packaged software, generally called off-the-shelf software, is a set of programs that is commercially available to the general public depending upon the requirement and cost. Be it an individual or full-fledged IT organization, packaged software can easily be purchased and implemented across an organization-wide computational setup without an extensive need for IT specialists. When we talk about packaged software, we speak of various programs grouped together to serve a broad purpose. These programs can easily be configured depending upon user needs, thus making them the best-suited solution even for complex points at issues.

In the eCommerce segment, an off-the-shelf solution can solve your majority of issues if you wish to launch your own eCommerce marketplace. By purchasing a readymade software package for your online store, you get a well-tested and trusted software solution that is probably being used by a number of successful businesses.

One of the most renowned examples of packaged solutions is the Microsoft Office package which brings you various reliable tools to resolve a number of work-related interests.

How big of an advantage does custom MERN-based development bring?

While software packages have recently picked their pace towards popularization, custom-developed software have long been the go-to choice to meet unique functional requirement across various enterprises. Unlike packaged software, custom software development is targeted to create highly practical and effective solutions for a specified department or enterprise. Though the cost of development is much higher in custom development, the subsumed benefits tend to outweigh a couple of benefits that out of the box solutions hold against custom developed solutions. Biz4Commerce is a renowned eCommerce development platform with countless successful eCommerce solutions to its name. We are a pool of expert eCommerce developers and designers with a sizeable experience to take on even the most complex online store development with ease.

Custom-developed software brings the perks of on-demand modification and improvement during or after the development. One major demerit of opting for a packaged software solution is because these programs are created to pander to a generic userbase it certainly won't conform to all your functional requirements. You may actually have to hire a developer to configure the package to overcome the shortcomings.

Benefits of MERN-based custom solution over packaged solutions

While important aspects like cost and ease of use tend to favor packaged software solutions, custom-built software fits more competently to your specifications. They are easier to customize and provide scalability with regards to the growth prospects of your business.

Even in the longer run, MERN-based custom eCommerce solutions prove to be more economical and productive. With higher reliability and performance, custom solutions bring the added benefit of robust data security. The glorious quote "security through obscurity" rightly defines one of the key strengths of custom-built software, i.e. data security and immunity against malicious cyber-attacks. Having a solution where you can be assured about the utmost protection against security flaws and vulnerabilities, especially in an eCommerce environment is surely a game-changer.

Major pitfalls of choosing packaged software over MERN-based custom solution

Needless to say, custom-built eCommerce solutions have countless benefits over packaged solutions. A majority of business firms prefer trusted eCommerce platforms like Biz4Commerce for their online marketplace development. However, newly established and budding enterprises may still opt for off-the-shelf software solutions to meet their business requirement. Here are a few demerits of not choosing custom-built solutions for your eCommerce store.

  • 1. Cost – One of the major differences between custom and a readily available solution is the cost of development. Though off-the-shelf solutions are seemingly less expensive, in the long run, custom-developed solutions prove to be much productive.

  • 2. Inadequate features –It is a known fact that packaged eCommerce solutions are developed while keeping in mind a broader userbase. This can be a major differentiator, as the features you receive with these solutions may be insufficient or inadequate for your business requirements.

  • 3. No Customization – Customization and flexibility are by far the most useful feature in an eCommerce marketplace. Unlike custom-built eCommerce solutions, off-the-shelf packages allow little to no customization beyond a few tweaks and changes.

  • 4. Security issues –Due to its availability in the public domain, readily available solutions are far more susceptible to security flaws and vulnerabilities.

  • 5. Compatibility issues – Compatibility with legacy solutions is a major downfall for off the shelf solutions. These compatibility issues will most certainly agitate your business operations causing severe inefficiency and production cut down.

Concluding Thoughts

Every eCommerce business is unique in its own self and therefore needs a solution that is thoughtfully catered to its requirement. Our expert eCommerce developers at Biz4Commerce make sure to understand each and every bit of your business requirement and develop an action plan with feasible milestones. Our eCommerce solutions are designed and developed to improve efficiency and derive maximum profits across a target region.

With a custom MERN-based solution, you not just achieve a competitive edge through superior technology but also get advantages like complete customization, flexibility, increased productivity, and efficient workflows.