Tips and Tricks to Scale up your eCommerce Business in 2021

The number of consumers who prefer online shopping is on the rise, thanks to the pandemic, because of which everyone is stuck indoors. Moreover, the large variety of product and brand choices available on an eCommerce website allows consumers to shop from multiple online brands from the comfort of their homes.

Now is the right time to scale your eCommerce business where the current digital landscape is efficient enough to support scalability techniques and expand entrepreneurial horizons with minimum effort. Scaling an ecommerce business depends on two factors: the capability of your organization to cope and business acceptance by the target audience.  

This article highlights effective tips to scale up your eCommerce business in 2021 by targeting both the organizational and customer perspectives.  It all begins with your business first. Here's how:

Steps to take within the Organization to Scale your eCommerce Business

#1 Diversify your Team's Skill Set

Scalability demands an expanded skill set amongst team members. Align your team to your business goals by investing in employees with an impressive skill set.

#2 Invest in Technology

This goes hand in hand with the point mentioned above. Investing in good technology will enable your business to gain massive scalability (even with less labor!). Considering a complete system integration with different technologies is the prime aspect of scalability. Here is a list of domains where a good tech stack becomes a necessity

  • Customer Relationship Management system (CRM): This is a combination of business strategies, software, and processes that help acquire and retain customers, increase team collaboration and simplify communication between the customer and your business. 
  • Inventory Management Software: for efficient inventory, sales, and delivery tracking
  • Accounting and Financing Software: for timely and accurate financial decision making.
  • Human Resources Management System (HRMS): to manage and recruit employees, automate manual HR tasks, and streamline internal processes.
  • Digital Marketing Tools: tools to create, test, and measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns

#3 Process Automation

This can help automate repetitive internal processes that, too, at a lower cost and increased efficiency. This will help your business improve the turnaround time of any task, reduce the risk of human error, and save your employees valuable time. Your employees can spend the same time doing productive tasks and improving their efficiency. For example, automate the process to send a welcome email to a customer who signs up for your website, thereby building a healthy relationship from the start!

Now that we've got the business roadblocks out of the way, let's consider the customer-end next:

Steps to take on the Customer End to Scale up your eCommerce Business

#1 Personalization Matters

Analyze a user's buying pattern, profile, and other demographics to recommend products on the website. Forrester says  that product recommendations contribute up to 30% of eCommerce revenues worldwide.

Take, for example, the eCommerce giant- Amazon. If you are a first-time visitor on Amazon's website, notice a section called "Deals recommended for you," where products are curated depending on different parameters.

#2 Optimize Search Engine Ranking

SEO is a key factor in scaling your eCommerce business. Tools like SEMrush can be used to analyze the keywords on which your competitors are ranking. Use the same to optimize your website content, product descriptions and distribute backlinks. Make sure to list your business on relevant directories and forums using the most searched keywords.

#3 Design an Amazing Landing page

A landing page that is cluttered with data, includes non-persuasive content, low-quality images, poor site navigation, and a bad user experience will lead to cart abandonment halfway through the purchase. Users may get frustrated and not visit your website again! Invest in creating a good landing page design that will help your business run flash sales, referral programs, launch new products and gain better engagement amongst your target audience.

#4 Build a Mobile App for your Ecommerce Store

80%  of eCommerce consumers use their smartphones to browse through an online store, look up reviews, find better deals, and even make a purchase. Let's face it; it is simpler and faster to make a purchase via a mobile app than logging into a website on your desktop and performing the same activity. Plus, an app present on the user's device will always remind them of your business- creating a win-win situation for your branding as well! 

#5 Live Chat for Quicker Customer Support

Whether you have a website, an app, or even both, Live Chat is the most preferred choice for communications among the customers because of faster and easy query resolution. Also, your customers can reach you 24*7, which is an add-on to good customer support!

#6 Create a Strong Marketing Campaign

A strong marketing strategy will give you the momentum to sustain business growth and always stay aligned with your user needs. This is not only useful for product promotions but will also be of great value to onboard new customers and retain existing ones.

  Some effective methods of marketing include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Emails
  • Push notifications 
  • Blog Posts
  • Video Advertising

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, to aim for scalability, your business needs to overcome generally faced issues like failing orders, abandoned carts, internal and external miscommunication, incapable staff, etc. These reasons will leave you with unhappy employees and customers and a potential roadblock to business scalability.

Hope these tips and tricks will help you keep up with the market competition and scale up your business to new heights. 

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