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The Challenge

With the advent of eCommerce, online marketplaces are being recognized for their great potential to draw maximum sales and gain a loyal customer base across various geographies. As a result, entrepreneurs and business owners are coming up with unique ideas for eCommerce marketplaces where sellers can sign up and obtain the benefit of greater reach and a loyal customer base. With a similar business plan, the client partnered up with Biz4Group to design and develop an online marketplace app for the buying and selling of day-to-day utilities.

Project Highlights

  • A sleek and intuitive user interface for easy navigation and purchase journey.

  • Smart product search.

  • Social Log-In for quick and secure onboarding.

  • Bump the product feature to increase the rating of a product every time a user hits the button.

  • One app for both the buyer and seller end.

  • In-app notifications to keep the user informed about all his activities.

  • Stripe Payment gateway for secure and efficient fund transfer.

  • Dispute management feature with return and refund processing, cancel order and vendor payout.

  • Users can also share their favorite product across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Promo codes for best shopping deals and customer engagement.

  • Dynamic shipping cost calculation depending on delivery address and package size.


Delivered a fantastic eCommerce marketplace mobile app with a hoard of unique features and impressive UI to help users simplify their journey of purchase and retail. The unique marketplace mobile app is developed to bring both buyers and sellers on the same platform for all their shopping needs. Buyers can look for their favorite items from the various product categories and subcategories and get them shipped directly to their place. They can even use the intelligent search functionality that helps them find their product based on text matching. Users also get an option to "bump the product," which improves a particular product's ratings each time a user bumps/ shares it. The UI is so designed to offer an impressive and meaningful shopping experience to the user.

On the seller part, a registered vendor can offer new and used products for sale by uploading the product details and images using the same app. Both the users can easily keep track of their dealings from the user profile section, be it purchase or retail.


Business Benefits

  • With access to a huge customer base, the vendors experienced a great boost in their product sales.

  • The delivered app has facilitated improved customer engagement and ROI.

  • Round the clock business operation without regional barriers.

  • Reduced marketing and inventory management cost.

  • Up to 39% hike in customer onboarding and sales.