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The Challenge

In today's digital economy, eCommerce stores have gained immense popularity in the user market. Such platforms have a high rate of customer retention and the ability to generate predictable revenue for enterprises. A popular marketplace can further encourage the growth of an online business store by introducing it to an established customer base. The project concept was to create a unique eCommerce marketplace that provides both the customers and the sellers with a more profitable shopping experience. It shouldn't just be limited to easy product search and comparison but should also allow for effortless interchange and management of subscriptions.

Project Highlights

  • Product Filters based on New arrivals, Bestsellers, Featured and Categories.

  • Product Variations showcased on the same page.

  • Product-based sale to ensure the buyers get only the best deal on every purchase.

  • Multiple Delivery Services and Plans for preferred shipping options.

  • Gift Vouchers and promo codes.

  • Secure Payment Gateway.

  • Shopify Store Connect.

  • WooCommerce Store Connect.

  • Blog/ Knowledge Hub.

  • Users can subscribe to interactive live sessions and access content.


The final product was the first-of-its-kind eCommerce platform for modern-day SMEs. It is for all subscription vendors, sellers, and manufacturers looking for a trusted platform to boost their brand exposure, generate a new source of revenue, and expand their business. It works on a subscription-based model to offer well-matched vendor services depending on the selected plan. Vendors can choose either of the starter, standard, or premium subscription package to scale their business potential as and when required. Users also get a dedicated dashboard for centralized analysis and management of their sales metrics. In addition, users can directly chat with vendors and subscribe to both live or recorded sessions for services like a gym membership, cooking classes, or eLearning.


Business Benefits

  • Small businesses and enterprises can enjoy increased customer engagement and retention rates.

  • Predictive revenue helps businesses maintain inventories and generate optimum sales.

  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

  • Businesses can increase their revenue potential through immense upselling and cross-selling potential of the platform.