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The Challenge

The developed Dealer App is a comprehensive ordering and management platform for dealers and Admins. It is a one-stop solution for all the platform users other than the end consumers. It's unique because instead of providing separate applications or even separate logins for different roles, role-based authorization is performed right after the app authenticates a logging user. The dealers can now easily purchase vacuum cleaners (and related products) for their stores or directly purchase them for their customers. In addition, they can add employees under their dealer account to let them manage their dealership, view their order history and view sales reports.

Project Highlights

  • Migrated major portion of backend code onto the latest and efficient MERN stack

  • Enabled PCI compliance for better reliability and data integrity

  • Migrated the database to a production level cluster from the shared cluster

  • Option to assign dealers and employees under dealers.

  • Single app for dealers and Admin.

  • Ability to download filtered reports in CSV format.

  • Email notifications for new users, new orders, shipping updates, and payment updates.

  • Timestamped notes feature for the app Admin.


The proposed solution required an in-depth analysis of the application, including the functionalities visible, plus the code and the database. The team started off with bug fixing related to payment gateway and database that were already existent in the legacy system. The team also created an automated system to eliminate manual efforts for updating app files and content. Regarding the database, the team migrated it to a production level cluster with the database server situated in the same AWS zone as that of the app server. In addition, several other broken flows and cumbersome logic were replaced with complete, fast, and efficient code. All of these steps improved the app's performance drastically and opened up the application to easily include future expansions.


Business Benefits

  • With the new dealer type, at least a thousand new users were added to this platform which doubled the number of users and, ultimately the sales.

  • New user registration and order processing improved a lot due to an increase in the app's speed and performance

  • PCI compliance removed a big security overhead from the app, saving the company's data protection obligation, both financially and legally.

  • New vendor onboarding for vacuum dealers sped up as the verification process on the dealer's end was removed.

  • Saved company's man-hours and drastically reduced the chances of human error as the Dealer program details were made dynamic.