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The Challenge

Widescale digitalization has made things easier and more efficient, especially for small and medium-sized workplaces. However, while a lot of manual hassle is replaced by automation, processes like personalizing business cards and printing is still carried traditionally. One of the leading business tycoons in the US approached us with an idea to develop an eCommerce platform for users to order business cards, marketing & stationary material along with printed accessories. The client wanted to create a unique web application that could let the users decide the size, design, and quantity of their purchase before placing the orders. The project concept was quite challenging and required an in-depth analysis and conceptualization of the client's business idea before the commencement of the development process.

Project Highlights

  • The platform allowed for complete product customization to adjust the shape, size, and graphics of a business card or accessory.

  • Users can also select from the pre-defined templates for various business products.

  • Save your favorite templates and designs to place a business order at a later time.

  • Integrated with a secure and trusted payment gateway like Stripe to ensure seamless transactions.

  • Integrated with shipping API likes USPS & UPS to ease the process of bulk shipments.


The project's goal was to create an innovative and highly functional eCommerce platform that would allow the users to custom design and order personalized business cards, office stationery, printed accessories, and marketing products like postcards, flyers, tickets, brochures, letterheads, etc. The roadmap to the final product was quite elaborate and complex since the idea was never implemented ever before. The developed platform allowed the users to personalize the graphics, size, and design of their business cards and accessories. In addition to that, the platform was integrated with eCommerce features like a shopping cart and secure payment gateways to help users place bulk orders for thier customized business accessories and cards.


Business Benefits

  • The unique eCommerce store helped boost the business sellouts by more than 40%.

  • An average of over 60 B2B transactions are carried on the platform every week.

  • Built using the latest MERN technology stack to offer an exceptional performance and operational speed.

  • The payment system is developed to facilitate reliable transactions with ultimate protection against cyber attacks.