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The Challenge

With a decade-long experience in the eCommerce domain, the project owner wanted to create an exclusive solution to offer package protection and tracking services for eCommerce deliveries. The developed solution would allow the users and vendors to track their orders with real-time updates and also insure their packages against issues like damage, theft, or mislaid deliveries.

Project Highlights

  • Live tracking using state-of-the-art Geo-fencing technology for every order, allowing for intuitive and effective real-time updates

  • The geo-fencing tracking technology keeps the users in the loop throughout the package journey, right from the dispatch to the final delivery.

  • Order history makes it easier for the customer to know when and where the order came from.

  • Instant Query Resolution to ensure any query or complaint related to order delivery (lost, stolen, and damaged packages) is pinpointed and resolved almost instantly.


The proposed solution was developed on the idea to ensure safe and secure package deliveries that are traceable in real-time right from the vendor to the customer’s doorstep. The platform offers a comprehensive post-purchase tracking service for all online deliveries. It eases the process of secure and safe transit and ensures customers get an exceptional experience each time they make an online purchase. It includes perks like package insurance along with real-time order tracking. With an advanced technology backend that includes MERN stack and IoT-based Geo-fencing capabilities, you can stay rest assured for every online delivery.


Business Benefits

  • The developed platform is highly competent and completely resolves the issues related to ecommerce package deliveries.

  • Efficient package tracking and order insurance make online deliveries much more simple, secure, and spot-on time.

  • It delivers a remarkable post-purchase shopping experience to every customer.

  • The simple yet effective interface helps keep tabs on delivery status from anywhere, at any time.