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The Challenge

Digitalization of the healthcare domain has brought along tremendous opportunities for the end consumers. Healthcare startups and businesses are gradually driving benefits from online retail of medicines and healthcare products. However, being a healthcare professional, the project owner envisioned a platform that could merge the benefits of eCommerce and on-demand healthcare consultation into a unified platform that could bring medicine and healthcare consultation directly to the end-user. The idea was to create a web application to get online health consultations and order prescription medicines from the comfort of one's home.

Project Highlights

  • Search nearby or preferred pharmacy to get the supplies delivered.

  • Upload prescription to avail the benefit of doorstep delivery of medicines.

  • Product Category.

  • Live order tracking and order history.

  • Secure payment gateway to ensure reliable and efficient transactions.

  • Get online consultation from expert healthcare professionals and medics.

  • Mark favorite pharmacy or healthcare service provider for quick access.

  • Feedback & review portal for registered users.


A remarkable eCommerce platform that unifies the competence of e-pharmacy and online health consultation services. It is developed as a unique blend of online marketplace, and doorstep delivery service targeted to benefit the health and wellbeing sector. Customers can get on-demand medical supplies delivered to their addresses from their preferred pharmacy. Users can also choose from the large variety of healthcare products and even seek professional consultation when required. The platform has advanced functionalities like live order tracking, secure payment gateways for users and order decline, earning history, and contact user/ pharmacy for the riders.


Business Benefits

  • The developed platform is ranked as one of the top healthcare platforms to deliver enhanced patient safety and reduce errors.

  • Healthcare providers, insurance companies, employers, and patients can all interact on the unified platform.

  • The platform streamlined the workflow and overall delivery management for the business owner and improved the efficiency by upto 40%.

  • The user base increased from five thousand active users to about twelve thousand users in the first week.

  • Simplified access to prescription records and consultation.