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The Challenge

One of the most significant applications of the eCommerce model in the healthcare domain can be seen as online pharmacies, which benefit millions of patients worldwide. The client, a well-known physician in the states, collaborated with the team to develop an online store to sell medicinal products derived from cannabis. The matter of concern here was the FDA regulations and the judicial use, administration, packaging, and delivery of the medical stock to the patients.

Project Highlights

  • A simple and intuitive user dashboard to help with easy navigation and order purchase.

  • Product listing and recommendation based on smart search.

  • Daily deals and special order discounts to create an enjoyable shopping experience for every user.

  • The platform fulfills all the federal compliance guidelines concerning the use of medical products.

  • Users can also apply for Medical Card and get their added benefits.


A unique eCommerce platform that is exclusively developed to supply medical cannabis for dispensaries and healthcare institutes. It majorly serves as a B2B eCommerce platform for healthcare institutes and clinics. It not only educates the users with its benefits but also helps them order the right product for them. Its unique filters bring in the ease of customizing the product as per the user's needs. The platform follows all the official compliance policies and is highly data-secure to ensure the utmost privacy of healthcare records. Moreover, features like daily deals and special offers add an engaging flair to its overall user experience, making it one of the top-rated eCommerce platforms for medical products.


Business Benefits

  • The unique database architecture makes the platform completely safe and secure in terms of healthcare records.

  • Integrated with the Stripe payment gateway to facilitate efficient and secure transactions.

  • Its amazing UI and functional competence helped the business to draw increased sales and ROI.

  • The online business store increased the average customer retention by upto 25%.