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The Challenge

In today’s fast-paced economy, everyday commute has become a major part of everybody’s lifestyle. However, more often than not, people find themselves waiting in long queues at the gas stations to get their tanks refueled. The process is highly time-consuming and troublesome, especially for daily travelers. With an on-demand fuel delivery app, users not only save time and efforts but also get required support during emergency crisis. The developed application is a highly competent door-step fuel delivery solution for users to schedule refueling. Once subscribed, application users get to add their vehicles, schedule delivery frequency and even obtain attractive discounts using referral and promo codes.

Project Highlights

  • Sleek and intuitive user interface that is handy for everyday use.

  • Separate apps for fuel providers and consumers for versatile approach.

  • Transaction history and fuel order tracking.

  • In-app notifications for requests and deliveries.

  • Promo codes and referral program to offer added benefits.

  • “Save your card” and “address history” for user convenience.

  • Users can track their deliveries using the in-built real-time tracker.

  • 24*7 emergency deliveries.


The mobile application is a one-of-a-kind on-demand delivery solution that allows users to order and schedule fuel delivery at their doorstep. One of the main USPs of the solution is its quick delivery and reliable support even for emergency fuel deliveries. The innovative app is breaking new grounds in the domain of eCommerce and on-demand service deliveries. It works on a subscription-based model where the customers can subscribe to the service for one or more vehicles with option of fueling up once or twice a week. Customers can also customize their delivery timings as per their need or cancel a delivery at any time. Additionally, they can gain attractive bonuses through the app’s referral programs and also get amazing discounts by using promo codes while placing their fuel order.


Business Benefits

  • The innovative app instantly became a hit among the users with nearly 3,000 downloads in the first week.

  • Local news channels featured the innovative business during the prime time.

  • The development was done using the latest and greatest MERN technology to ensure zero downtime.

  • The app is ranked among the top utility apps on both Android and iOS app stores.